You might have read about a blogger scrapping with a protestor at a political conference recently, if not take a look at the video below.

You can also see photographs and a report by Sky News.  The blogger was Iain Dale, the drive-time presenter of LBC 97.3 radio, the same presenter who recently won ‘radio presenter of the year’.

So what happened: Iain Dale is the publisher for some blokes book and while the author was being interviewed by ITV, a protestor (Stuart Holmes) moved into the camera view with his anti-nuclear placard. Iain not wanting the protestor to steal the authors thunder, rushed over to him and tried to forcefully push him out of the way. The protestor held his ground, and in the process both ended up on the ground in a scuffle, with Iain trying desperately to lick the dirt off the Brighton pavement. In the confusion the dog bit its owner and you can hear him scream.

Being an avid blogger Iain Dale decided to write about his experience on his blog.

Not found

NO, you are not going to find that post where he boasts about “what a self respecting publisher would do?”, because Iain got such a backlash from the public, he removed the post off his website along with all the comments. (#FAIL).

I can tell you though most people were disgusted (including me) that he thought he could bully the protestor into moving off.  Most people said he assaulted the protestor, which if you look at the video and photographs, he most certainly did manhandle the elderly gentleman to the ground.  Lots of people were hoping the protestor would report Iain Dale to the police and lots of people questioned his motives (Money, greed, being above the law) and said he should apologize instead of bragging about it online.

Here is the blog Iain Dale wrote.

iain dale thug blogger

Two days later common sense prevailed and the police quizzed him as reported by Sky News and on the same day a grovelling STATEMENT AND APOLOGY was followed by Iain Dale via his blog.   Today he is still referring to the incident in his latest post as if everyone knows about it.


No wonder he didn’t get ‘Publisher of the year’.

Source: Sky News, Iain Dale blog, Youtube.



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