I got an email from Origin yesterday to tell me my Battlefield 4 PlayStation 3 disk that I pre-ordered was delayed for some reason, but they saved the day by giving me a download code for the digital copy (Genius as BR discs are so old school). I went to my PS3 Account Management Redeem Code section and after entering the code it told me there was not enough space, That is because my PlayStation 3 is old school and is one of the original 40GB versions from 2007. Bummer! Battlefield-4-Art

Reading up on the model I discovered Its actually got 37GB to start with a 3GB partition used up by the system and profiles. I checked my system and found I had roughly 26GB free. 11GB was being taken up by my Battlefield 3 saved games and game data, so figured the new BF4, which was 12GB’s would be more than enough but alas it kept saying “Not enough disk space”.

I had read earlier that the PS3 was made to be upgraded with easy access to the hard disk (unlike the maze one has to go though on the Xbox). Armed with a Philips screwdriver and a few simple steps (as described here by Gamespot.com) one can easily remove the 40GB 2.5″ disk and replace it with a larger 2.5″ SATA disk.

Fortunately I had an old broken HP Pavilion Dv9000 Laptop from 2006, which came to the rescue as I remembered It contained 2 x 120GB SATA hard drives.

I first backed up my PlayStation 3 onto a 32GB microSD via my SWEEX CR013 USB card reader  which took about 35 minutes. I then swapped the SATA disks, the PS3 automatically formatted the 120GB disk, and then I restored the backup (BF3 and profiles) back onto it. Then I entered the redeem code and downloaded the 12GB BF4 file. It took about an hour to download and another 30 minutes to install.

Battlefield 4 loads quickly and plays perfectly well. The graphics are awesome and there is no lagging or lock ups whatsoever. I am quite impressed and there I was thinking that I needed to upgrade to the PlayStation 4.  Maybe in 2015!



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