After seven years of driving our Skoda Fabia 1.1 around we decided it was time for a new car. The little red car had done us proud. It ran and ran without any problems, but it lacked some of the nice comforts that the newer cars have these days, such as heated seats, touch screen navigation, media centre, parking sensors etc.

Jo was always pointing out to me the various models of Nissan Qashqai on the road, so one weekend we went and took a test drive in the new 2014 Nissan Qashqai that had just been released. It was a fantastic experience and the car had some excellent features, which ticked all of our boxes. (cameras and parking sensors all around the car, lane control, sign reading, accident prevention, plenty of space, good boot space, panoramic roof, sexy look etc). We spent the rest of the weekend watching reviews on

So in late February we decided it would be our next car. We signed all the paperwork, but were told the car would only be ready in a few months. It sucked waiting for the car to be delivered, but in late April we got the word she was waiting for us.It is a wonderful feeling walking into the dealership and seeing your brand new car on the floor. We picked the colour bronze because it is quite a unique colour, especially in England where most folk drive grey, black, white or blue cars.

The car is very sexy in my opinion. I love its shape. It looks so sleek and modern, and the 19″ alloy wheels look great. The colour is awesome as well. So far we think we are the only ones on the road with this colour. (well South of the Thames that is).

Nissan Qashqai Tekna 1.5DCi BronzeOne of the awesome features is the park assist. When one pulls up to a space, the sensors determine if the park is big enough and then the car completely takes over the steering, while you provide the backwards or forwards acceleration.  It doesn’t matter if its a parallel or vertical park. It literally parks itself and gets it right every time. It even does curbs. It could make one lazy I guess, but if you know how to park in any situation, then this is just a treat. It is amazing to watch.

We bought it for these reasons.

  1. It delivers a tax-friendly 99g/km CO2, which means there is no road tax (ever).
  2. It can do 74 mpg. (we have so far managed 56mpg and that is stop start driving from home to work and back in mostly heavy traffic. 
  3. It has a five star Euro NCAP crash safety rating.
  4. Full colour cameras front and back provide excellent view when reversing or driving forward into unknown spaces.
  5. Panoramic roof. It is awesome to see the sky especially when sunny.


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