I stumbled upon a great video on YouTube with a very good message attached to it. Every man out there should watch it or listen to it and then act ASAP. The video is about blood in your crap or “the first signs having colon cancer” Not a topic everyone wants to talk about, but should be because it is a huge killer in modern day life.

My Dad died of colon cancer nearly 15 years ago. It is a nasty disease, which is why it is recommended everyone do a colonoscopy around the ages of 35 to 45 if your family has a history of cancer. You want to catch the signs quickly.

I had a colonoscopy a year or two ago for peace of mind. So in the UK they don’t put one under for a colonoscopy (like they do in the US)

Yup they give you the horrible stuff to drink a day or two beforehand, that makes you crap and crap and crap, and then on the day in the hospital they lie you on your side, on a bed in the theatre, there are two or three nurses present and a doctor. One is obviously exposed in the nether regions and a nurse gives you a light sedative to relax you.

digestive-problems_colonoscopyThen they turn on the TV and one gets to see the main show, which stars your arse, and your colon. It is most certainly uncomfortable in many ways especially if one has never had anything inserted into the rectum and that deep, but at the same time is very interesting to watch if one had gotten over the embarrassment and awkward feeling in your backside. It feels like you want to crap constantly. LOL! (Okay it wasn’t funny at the time). It feels like it lasts for eternity, but its over in about ten minutes. 

Fortunately I got the all clear and was told that I would not have to experience that procedure again. I would highly recommend every man in their mid thirties, forties to go and have the test.



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