You don’t need to spend a fortune to have lots of fun. As mentioned in my previous post I got given a radio controlled helicopter from my secret santa. Yes it may have been a kids toy or gadget, but it was one of the best presents I had received in along time. It was very simplistic and allowed me to fly around the lounge for 8 minutes at a time. It got me watching YouTube videos on radio controlled helicopters and I discovered RC quadcopter.

One particular chap called “Quadcopter 101” has done many reviews on all sorts of RC models and has a great website for folk starting out in RC Quadcopter, not to mention dozens of YouTube videos.


He recently reviewed and recommended the Lishitoys L6052 quadcopter, so I followed his advice and bought one. It cost $35 from . As it was so cheap I wasn’t expecting much from it, but I have been pleasantly surprised. The fun factor versus the price is incredible. The L6052 is well built. I’ve crashed it loads of times in the house (obviously not the best place to fly it), but it is strong and has withstood some big crashes without any problems. It comes with  blade guards to protect limbs and furniture against the spinning blades, so it is great for large rooms, but the best place to fly it is in a field or park (or desert).

We have a large park right across from our house, which I have rarely used, but it is the perfect space for this quadcopter. One of quadcopter 101 videos showed the reviewer attaching a keychain spy camera 808 #16 micro HD camera to the belly of the quadcopter. The whole camera weighs a mere 17 grams. The video quality was incredible and the views from the sky quite amazing. So I bought one of them as well from It was a little more pricer than the quadcopter at £36 but it offers 720p HD video recording and its a must have accessory for your quadcopter. Spare batteries are also a must as the standard battery (500 mAH) gives one 8 minutes of flight on one charge. I have bought 5 extra batteries. They were £15 for 5.

Yesterday we flew the L6052 quadcopter with keychain camera for the first time. I will do a separate review or thoughts on the 808 #16 micro HD camera next time. For now though here is my first video.

Of course if one has deeper pockets and wants to spend closer to £1000, there are some very nice sophisticated quadcopter models available on the market, which offer bigger batteries, HD photos and video, GPS 3 axis stabilisation, waypoint programming and 2-3km range. Do a search for DJI Phantom 2 Vision + or Parrot Bebop. They are very nice and maybe one day when my ship comes in I will get one. But for now this quadcopter and camera for less than £70 is really good fun. I am going to be documenting my progress here and on YouTube.



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