Having played around with Windows 10 on my iMac over the weekend I decided it was time to upgrade. 7 years is a good run for an Apple iMac running Windows 7. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was my first choice, having seen it in action on the web and in store, so I bought it from the Microsoft Online Store on Sunday and it arrived today. I also got the docking station so can be a complete desktop experience at home.

SP3 box

In order to future proof myself, I bought the i7-500GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, Lot number 1444.  It came with Windows 8.1 pre-installed and I went to update it to the latest version. It was then that I noticed the loud fan noise and excessive heat at the back.  The fan noise was brief, but it returned with full vengeance when the 1GB download was complete and I started the upgrade.

It sounds like speaker noise and its coming out of the top right hand corner of the device. I have mine in the Docking Station so the noise is very apparent as the vents are pointing upwards.

Annoyingly I set the sleep timeout to be 5 minutes just before I decided to update the firmware (doh), so then had to sit and wake it up every 5 minutes so it didn’t stop the upgrade. I noticed when it went into sleep mode, the fan switched off immediately. If I moved the mouse or tapped a key, it woke up, and the fan started making a helleva noise straight away.

It was also very hot in the top right hand corner and as a result every couple of minutes it sounds like something was melting. It actually sounded like something was buckling behind the back cover in the heat.

Wow! I am quite disappointed that this is happening, but somewhat relieved that it is not just mine, as it turns out a guy called Jarem reported this exact problem on the Microsoft Community website, way back on the 3rd of August 2014 and has produced a list of model numbers & lot numbers that are experiencing the same problem, although sadly my lot number appears to be the first. He is on his fourth device, which shows dedication, but must suck rocks. There is also 99 pages from other users experiences the same problem. (Frak!) 🙁



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