I don’t know what Microsoft did in their latest updates, but it has totally fracked my Windows 10. I use to be able to leave my windows running indefinitely and it would work just fine when I logged in, but ever since the update, I have noticed it is dead to the world. Nothing works, or it is working so slowly that the only way to get anything done is to hold the power button in and reboot, then wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to stop reading or indexing and then it’s good to go. It is unreal. Does it not know I am looking at the Surface Pro 4 i7? At this rate I will have to replace my old iMac from 2008. ūüôā

But wait, the advantage of Intel is 2 fold, I still have OSX on my main partition, so I set bootcamp to boot to Apple and the relationship is not over, because as much as it pains me to say this after all these years, OSX just works. No delays, no indexing, it loaded up in under a minute and everything was fine. There were a few updates, which I had to install as I have neglected my Apple, but really nothing to shout about. There is still hope in this old machine.

I think what I need to do is wipe my Windows partition on my boot camp and install a fresh copy of Windows 10. I think having upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 to Window 10 is the problem. I have never installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 or Windows 10 on my iMac. It must have history sitting on the drive that it longs to be rid of.

OSX storage

On a side note, I mentioned that I am looking at getting the Surface Pro 4 i7 16GB RAM 256GB SSD configuration.  I was a little undecided whether to get the 512GB SSD or 256GB SSD, given that is quite small storage in todays terms, but having looking at my iMac storage recently, I realised that 512GB would be a waste of money, since I had 512 GB drive in my iMac for the past 7 years and I have never used that much storage ever. Take a look at the graphic above. I used 84GB for OSX (less if one removes the Movies, Audio, and Photos). I do have a NAS server, so that is the main reason the storage was not used. The Surface Pro 4 has SD Card slot, which supports cards up to 200GB, so if I needed more space that would be the solution.

It is goodbye to Windows 10 on my iMac.



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