Don’t believe the scaremongers, despite all the hype over user numbers recently, Twitter is not in trouble and has a great future. I am confident they will grow even bigger over time. There is no need to rush to be as big as Facebook.

twitter birds

The problem is every Tom, Dick and Harry trading analyst or so called “expert in growth companies” are comparing Twitter to Facebook and the two are very different companies and I will explain why.

For starters there are NOT billions of the following people:

Glory seekers, A to Z celebrities craving fame and attention, Bollywood, sports, porn stars, artists, musicians, astronauts going to the I.S.S. to perform scientific trickery, terrorists wanting to cause global mayhem, police, ambulance, earthquake, volcano, tornado, hurricane, flood, train, road traffic monitors, politicians and government officials spreading propaganda through state owned news outlets,  news papers etc.

Take all of the above groups and throw in a few more million people who tweet every hour of every day because they are addicted to their own bullshit… and they still make up a very small part of a billion users. (Tens of millions of people or less).

Given they are the people making the news, creating the tweets and re-tweets, why does Twitter need one billion users like Facebook?  It simply doesn’t!

The other 290 million users made up of bots, fake accounts and true followers of these groups of people, because that is the beauty and ease of Twitter, all made possible with hash tags, images, videos and a lot of liking and re-tweets.

Now a billion Facebook users cannot chat or share information with each other because of the security and scrutiny that Facebook has adopted for their users and that is fine, but that is the advantage Twitter has.

No one is going to use Facebook to give breaking news because they don’t have enough followers who care. Family and friends care about family and friends. That is what Facebook is good at.

As long as we have Z list celebrities such as Kanye West, Twitter will be popular because check out how many people actually liked or re-tweeted this fool, in his ridiculous tweets below.

Oh! he made a lot more comments to young Zuckerberg and got even more likes and re-tweets from his equally crazy fans. The man is totally delusional, but like any good magazine, as long as he flashes his bad debt or business decisions around newspapers and magazines will sell out as news sells. This is what Twitter needs to cash in on.

Twitter highlighted Periscope and video recently and I believe this is where they can make in-roads especially in big events like the Superbowl, the Presidential elections, the next big disaster, the big wars around the world etc.

While we still have wars, global chaos and mayhem, natural disasters, massive sporting events and crazy celebrities around the globe, there will always be Twitter.  If I was a betting man 😉 I would say Twitter will go back to being a privately owned company and introduce some sort of licensing fee for all the media outlets that use their service, as they are primarily a news feed service. That is just a hunch given their crappy share price.

If they can find a way of making money from the groups above then they don’t need a billion users.



Mike is an Android man, researcher of all things good and bad, likes all wheeled sports, loves gadgets, enjoys all music, into home automation, likes Samsung, voted Brexit, enjoys talk radio, has a Brompton electric bike, drives a Tesla Model 3, is a hard worker, a passionate self-educator, crazy about drones, a gambler, blogger for over 20 years, enjoys gardening, Microsoft over Apple, an investor in stocks and cryptocurrency, a homeowner, a futurist, married for life, has family all over the world, a cat man do, loves beer, travel & life.

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