Trip to Mexico


Here we sit in bar in Mexico City International Airport. Our flight is delayed by 6 hours, so there is no better time to tell you about our holiday in Mexico City and the surrounding areas.

Jo and I left London on the 8th April in a Bow’eing 747-400 , yes a very old Jumbo jet. We flew business class as this was a special occasion. (Jo’s first time in an aeroplane with a fold down bed).


The 10 hour flight was uneventful, but the approach to Mexico City was an eye opener, especially seeing the city sprawled across miles of smoggy hills and mountains. (Gas masks ready).


We breezed through immigration and customs and into a spotless airport and we found a taxi in no time. (None of the horror stories are true about the crowds of screaming taxi drivers as we didn’t see any of them, nor did we see any troublemakers).

The ride into the city was slow as the traffic was grid locked, but we arrived at our Hotel Geneve in Calle Londres safely. There were three of us in the taxi and it cost us roughly £5 each. (This place is dirt cheap).

The hotel was stunning and steeped in history (500 years +).

The main purpose of the holiday was a road trip and a wedding for Sofia and Rodney, which turned out to be one of the best holiday parties we have ever experienced.

Roughly 30 people flew in from around the world as far as Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Canada, United States and South Africa. There was also a large Mexican contingent made up of family and friends.

I will continue the rest of the story in part 2 & 3.



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