Two weeks ago we were at the Vet visiting our cat Tamsin, who had been ill with a Gall Bladder infection, and in the cage opposite her was this cute little kitten. He was no more than 4 weeks old and had been brought into the vet poisoned but luckily the good people there had saved him. He was meowing and clawing at the cage gate trying to be noticed.

Jo holding Indy at the vet Indy in the cage coming home

We asked a few questions about him and found out he didn’t belong to anyone yet and was about to be added to the RSPCA list. Back home we talked about it a little, but didn’t make any decisions until we made another visit a few days later. He was even louder than before and so eager to get out of his little prison. (poor thing).

We hadn’t planned on replacing Whiskey so soon, but I guess we were meant to see this little chap that night.

Indy and Jo

We got more information about him, the cost if we wanted him, who we needed to call etc. By Friday evening we told the vet we wanted him. One of the nurses had already taken him home for the weekend because they didn’t want him to be alone in a cage, which was a shame as a weekend home would have been perfect for him. Anyway we picked him up on Monday the 8th of August. P1130223 (Medium)

We thought of keeping with the alcohol names since we had Whiskey and still have Bailey, maybe Brandy, Rum or Beer, but none of them seemed to work until I looked at film character names and Indiana Jones caught my eye. Indy seemed to be the right name given all the adventures he will soon be having. 😉

20160813_211811 (Medium)

We made a little box bed in our spare room and gave him a scratch post with a stand and a nice soft top. He loves the whole setup and has owned it already. Indy is a very good boy, eats and drinks like a man on a mission, and is already litter trained. Did I mention he loves toys! He has so much choice.

He stayed in his room on Tuesday and then we allowed him to roam the upstairs rooms on Wednesday with access to the staircase. He is barely bigger than one stair height, but has somehow managed to race up and down them ever since. On Thursday he had access to the whole house and has been exploring, climbing, jumping, falling ever since.

And when he is completely stuffed (tired), he just curls up in a ball and sleeps. Such an easy character to please.

Indy sleeping on pilliow in lounge

Our other two cats are still a little wary of him. Bailey is still hissing and growling at him whenever he spots Indy. Bailey is the new alpha male in the house so I guess he has to show him a bit of authority.

Indy Password please

Tamsin is a lot more tolerable, although she has smacked him a few times because he bites her tail. Her chilled attitude though helps and Indy has been able to sit down next to her and sleep, so there is definitely a bond forming there.

20160810_182226 (Medium)

We weighed Indy today, he was 128 grams so we will give it a month and see how big he gets.



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