I generally have a good memory for passwords, but over the years with all the cyber criminals hacking everything I’ve increased the complexity of my passwords, which ultimately makes it harder to remember. That is a good thing until one needs to access a site or app and then its WTF is the password?

LassPassI gave LastPass a tryout earlier this year and have been thoroughly impressed with them.  They have some excellent features, and their web / app interface is so awesome.

Probably their best feature is the password generator and the password audits. I’ve slowly but surely gone through all my passwords and auto-generated the password using LastPass, because the passwords are completely random making it very difficult to hack. 

LastPass better passwords

No more thinking of long, difficult passwords or remembering them, because LastPass does it for you. It even suggests which passwords should be changed and goes and does it for you.

Lastpass features

Most of us are guilty of reusing the same password for multiple accounts. I was too and would add a number to the end, but having a different password for every website or app is way more safer.

LastPass also offers extra protection in the way of Two Factor Authentication (2FA). What does this mean? In short, if a hacker manages to crack your website password, they are still not going to get in, because they also need a 6 digit code, which is sent to your mobile device via SMS or your mobile device has an app that generates the codes, which needs to be approved within a time limit. So unless the hacker has both password and code they are unlikely to get any further.

LastPass what you get

The cost of premium is $12 a year. For piece of mind and knowing all my passwords are safe, the small price each year is well worth it.



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