I just had a chat with Samsung regarding the new Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch that is supposedly available from today in the UK.


Before anyone in the UK rushes out and buys one, take note of these three important facts that Samsung failed to mention in their Gear S3 launch and advertising videos.

  1. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE version will NOT be available in the UK, meaning the smart watch cannot be used to make stand-alone phone calls. You will need your Samsung smartphone.
  2. Samsung PAY will not work in the UK.
  3. Your Samsung phone cannot be paired to some Bluetooth headphones while it is paired to the Samsung Gear S3 smart watch.

Read my transcript from a recent conversation with Samsung. Talk about mega disappointment and a total FAIL on Samsung’s part.

Samsung: Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung Technical Support. How may I assist you?
Mike: The Gear S3 LTE version. I understand it will only be made available in certain countries. Why is that?
Samsung: Gear S3 LTE version will only work in US, as it can’t be unlock from ATT carrier.
Mike: Is there any chance this will be changing? Will it ever be enabled in the UK?
Samsung: No Mike, as of now there is no information regarding if the Gear can be used overseas.
Mike: So if purchased in the UK, the watch in order to make phone calls will have to be paired with a phone, how does that happen?
Samsung: You have to install Gear Manager App on any Samsung phone and connect it with Gear.
Mike: Can I pair my Samsung phone with a headphone at the same time as its paired with the gear?
Samsung: No Mike, Phone can not be paired when connected to Gear, as the Bluetooth is One to One feature.
Mike: Samsung Pay will still work right in the UK or can Android Pay work on the watch as well?
Samsung: No Mike, Samsung Pay will not work in UK.
Mike: Just for the record the advertising for the Samsung Gear S3 is VERY misleading if all you say is not possible in the UK.
Samsung: Samsung Pay will only work with US devices.
Mike: That message should be made a lot more clear. Oh well. That is very disappointing.



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5 Responses

  1. blank Connugy says:

    What stupid article and largely a waste of time if you’re ot going to clarofy paymwent options.

    “Samsung” …pay is irrelevant. CAN YOU PUT ANDROID PAY ON A GEAR S3 in the UK and then walk into a shop and pay with the watch at a contactless terminal, or not????????

  2. Excuse me! Why is the article stupid?
    If you paid attention and read the article I am talking about Samsung Pay not Android Pay.

    Since the watch uses Tizen OS, a Samsung operating system, its primary payment system is Samsung Pay, not Android Pay, and my main gripe is that it’s not supported in the UK.

    Android Pay app is part of Android, which will also be available on Android Wear 2.0. There is a big difference between Samsung Tizen OS and Android OS.

    Simple answer to your DUMB question is NO YOU CAN’T!

    You need an Android smart watch that supports Android wear 2.0 and NFC support. There are only a few watches currently available with Android Wear2.0, but Android are planning to roll out the new version 2.0 software to more smart watch manufacturers.

    Have a read here: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/139007-android-wear-2-0-what-s-new-in-the-major-software-update-for-watches

  3. blank LazyBloke says:

    Not a stupid article at all. Pay no attention to @m_connaughton:disqus. Answers everything I have been searching for myself. Thanks.

  4. blank Dan says:

    Not studpid at all, this article actually clarified many points I couldn’t find in Samsung’s own marketing literature. Thanks very much. I was going to buy one of these watches but after this I’m considering leaving Samsung’s ecosphere altogether later this year and seeing what watches appear as the year goes on.

    Thanks for your time in researching this, it’s much appreciated.

  5. blank Mike says:

    Thanks Dan for the comments.

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