Yesterday I received the DJI Mavic Pro, my first ever drone. I am not going to do an unboxing video or take dozens of photos from all angles like other folk have done. Only three angles are needed to give you an idea just how small the drone is when folded up.

It was a breeze flying the Mavic Pro. I knew how to fly already as I own quite a few trick quad-copters, but the Mavic Pro is super simple because of all its sensors. It doesn’t move around at all on take off or even when landing. Everything is so smooth, and makes taking video is a pleasure. It is truly an amazing drone.

Here is my first video filmed on the DJI Mavic Pro.

Fortunately it was a gorgeous winters day with a lot of sun about. All I wanted to do was learn a few of the features on the controller and the DJI phone app and to test out some of the intelligent follow modes.

The video was taken using the default settings. I realize now looking at the video it is too bright in some places, or out of focus in other places, which is why I have been watching some tutorials and tweaking my controller for my next try out. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to learn in the video settings, especially when it comes to lighting, styles, colors and setup. As there would be with any high end camera equipment. Patience is definitely needed of which I have an abundance.

There is a sport mode as well and when turned on, the sensors are turned off, so it becomes a lot more twitchy and sensitive. I gave it a try out and it was fast, furious and fun and it certainly has some of the raw features of a normal quad-copter.

I remember when GoPro announced their first compact, ultra portable, intelligent drone called “Karma”.  It was back in September 2016. I watched the excited almost “kid like” announcement by CEO Nick Woodman and thought “Wow! this is impressive, if the price is right this will be the first drone I buy“.

But, it wasn’t meant to be, because a week or two later DJI announced their own compact, ultra portable, intelligent drone called the “Mavic Pro and it offered even more technology, sensors, longer battery life, a 4.3 mile range and a 4K image stabilized gimbal camera with similar technology packed into the small body as their large ‘Phantom pro series’drones. Their announcement blew Karma out of the water and I was certain this would be the drone for me.

One has to see this drone to believe its ridiculous small size when folded up. It is an incredible bit of kit. (see photo from digitalrev below).

digitalrev have a side by side size comparison


The Karma looks massive against it.

Check out the specifications.




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