This is a mini review of the Sandmarc ND filters for the DJI Mavic Pro,

This is my second photograph of the large quarry in Greenhithe, Kent, which sits opposite the Bluewater shopping centre.

My intention was to capture the quarry, water and clouds and try and get some reflection from the water.

Greenhithe Quarry with Sandmarc ND Filter (ND16)

Greenhithe Quarry with Sandmarc ND Filter (ND16)

Below is a similar photograph of the quarry I took a few weeks ago without any ND filters. What a difference?

Greenhithe Quarry with no ND filters.

Greenhithe Quarry with no ND filters.

I got the Sandmarc aerial filters from the companies website after watching a few reviews on them on YouTube.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has reviewed the various makes of ND Filters and the results are a mixed bag, with some claiming amazing results while others slagging off the design of the filters. DJI themselves have released a set of ND filters, but they look fragile with their three little clips. To be honest for me it all came down to the price $64, the box holding the filters needed to be small and easy to carry and the customer service.

I experienced the customer service first hand on YouTube. I added a comment on someones video review and Sandmarc replied to my comment. That was great!  I also asked for advice about delivery and they were very quick to respond. Likewise they dispatched very quickly.

I can tell you these filters slide on & off the small camera easily, and I have had no trouble at all. I have also put them on before turning the drone on, and there was no catching or problems with the gimbal motor. Likewise putting them on after the drone has started up is effortless. They fit perfectly, are light and the results above speak for themselves.

Sandmarc ND Filters

Sandmarc ND Filters

I was using the ND16 filter, which offered the best results in bright light. Both photographs were taking around midday. The top photo I was able to keep the EV to between -3 to +7.



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