Error 520 Web Server is returning an unknown error. Nine words¬†no one wants to see seconds after performing a financial transaction on a Bitcoin exchange. Did I just purchase or sell that coin? Why can’t I withdraw to my wallet? Did my money go through? Do I have to do it again? Will my funds still be there when the page returns? The website is a bag of total frustration. No matter what one does on the website that error appears a lot.

Kraken google searches

Don’t do it!

Against my better judgement I signed up an account with these jokers, after reading various reviews on how great they were and how many alternative coins they offered on their exchange, besides the obvious BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin). Google though were not so kind showing quite a few low rated reviews.

In order to buy and sell cryptocurrency on Kraken one has to be verified. There are various tiers to get through. As a noob with no cryptocurrency to my name, tier 0 & 1 are pointless, because one has no way of depositing real money (dollars or Euros) because the cash limit is zero, so I needed to give a bit more personal information to get to tier 2, which allowed me to deposit up to $2000 per day.

After a couple of days Kraken confirmed I was good to go. I went to log in and after entering my username and password I encountered the Error 520. (Great start Kraken!) ūüôĀ

Kraken Error 520 error after login

I tried again and was successfully logged in.

Kraken is not user friendly

The trading interface/platform is not exactly user friendly or simple for the person just starting out, although nothing a few YouTube videos couldn’t sort out. I was ready to give it a try out.

My first attempt to buy XRP ended with the ‘Error 520 – Web server is returning an unknown error’. I thought it had something to do with my browser, so cleared out the cache, history and cookies and logged out and back in again. I tried again and got the same damn error.

Kraken support is a joke

I emailed the customer support and told them about the error and within a few minutes got an automated response back pointing to a link on their FAQ website. I went to the customer support website and noticed my ticket had been closed. How efficient? NOT! I tried again and got the same error.

Bitstamp Exchange rocks

That was enough frustration for one day. I signed up to another exchange called Bitstamp and ended up buying my first cryptocurrency called XRP (RIPPLE) from them instead, which was a lot less painful and it went through without any problems.

Fast forward a few weeks … Bitstamp has been a great learning platform and I have bought and sold all the coins available on their exchange (BTC, LTC, ETH and XRP), but there are a lot of other coins out there, which Bitstamp lacks, so one has to look to other exchanges.

Kraken revisited

I revisited Kraken and managed to successfully deposit my LTC and BTC from my hardware wallet into my Kraken account in the hope that one day I could use those coins to buy some other alt coins. This past weekend I sold some LTC for US Dollars because I couldn’t see a way of using LTC to buy ETH. (Maybe I was missing something, but it only appeared that certain coins BTC could be paired with ETH, but I didn’t want to use my BTC to buy ETH), so my Kraken account now had dollars and my Bitcoin balance.

Error 520 Web Server

Today I wanted to buy ETH with the cash. I tried using the simplest method to buy the Ethereum and kept getting that bloody Error 520 Web Server. I tried over and over and it was truly painful because one has to refresh the screen and then re-enter everything. After 15 minutes of waiting around, I was kicked out of the website and all this time ETH was rising and I was missing my entry point. I couldn’t buy ETH today, so decided that was the last straw. I would withdraw my coins to my wallet and cash to my bank account.

Kraken Error try again

And you guessed it… one problem after another.

Kraken Error withdraw

After multiple retries I managed to get all my coins out, but I couldn’t get all the cash out. I think it is because the¬† maximum limit for the day had been reached somehow.

Kraken Your current tier level (2) is insufficient

Bitstamp to the rescue

With my cash and coins transferred to Bitstamp, I was able to buy some ETH (Ethereum).

Bistamp - ETH (Ethereum)

Goodbye, over and out!

I’ll be closing my account soon, once I have everything out and rest assured I will never use again. If you are wise and reading this post, you will stay clear as well.



Mike is an android man, researcher of all things good and bad, likes all wheeled sports, loves gadgets, enjoys all music, into home automation, likes samsung, voted brexit, enjoys talk radio, has a brompton bike, is a hard worker, a passionate self-educator, crazy about drones, a gambler, blogger for over 15 years, enjoys gardening, microsoft over apple, investor in stocks and cryptocurrency, a homeowner, a futurist, married for life, has family all over the world, a cat man do, loves beer, travel & life.

7 Responses

  1. blank ily Gal says:

    hahahahah, not very smart ad Bitsamp. Also why did you choose Cryptowatch (owned by kraken), and bitfinex charts? Shady post.

  2. It’s a screen shot of a chart, big freaking deal. I know it’s owned by Kraken. I am not faulting Kraken charts if your read the post. What is your point? Shady comment!

  3. blank Feles P√°l says:

    Hi Mike, I agree with You, Kraken is just a pain in my ass.

  4. blank Alexis Pérez Gómez says:

    i agree with this post, is there any way to transfer all my kraken to bitstamp? do you have any guide? or high level steps to follow?

  5. blank Alexis Pérez Gómez says:

    Thanks! is there any comission behind this migration process? and should i consider any other platform instead of bitstamp ?

  6. Ily Gal,
    Any comments on Kraken. It’s been DOWN for maintenance for over 48 hours. That is a HUGE downtime for one of the largest exchanges. It must be doing their reputation wonders. People with money and crypto stored on their exchange must be worried. Please do care to respond, I would hate to not give you a chance to defend this exchange I said stay away from over a month ago.

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