Google Finance is under renovation. This is the warning message that has been on the finance website for months.Google Finance is under renovation

Yesterday the Google Finance website was awesome as it has been since 2006. Today Google Finance totally sucks rocks (and that is me being kind with my wording Google).

Change is good, but KISS (Keep it simple silly).

We all get it, change is a good thing, but if it was up to me, I would have updated the following:

  • Changed some of the user interfaces to be a little more flashy.
  • Allowed users the ability to add lines, markers or text to the charts.
  • Added some feature rich tools, which some of the well known paid financial websites use.

The keyword above is ‘updated’, but alas, Google have gone and totally destroyed the old finance website and have removed all portfolios and watchlists. They have introduced massive white spaces and blocks of useless information, that is of no use to anyone following a portfolio. What is the point of that?

In the good old days of Google Finance

I’ve used the Google Finance website for the past 8 years and it was something I looked at every day, because it showed me all my stocks and watchlists in one place. It was a great, free, useful, simple website, one I updated every time I bought or sold a stock.

lookatbowen portfolioOne could easily create watchlists or portfolio(s) and add any amount of stocks to them. I had multiple watchlists and active portfolios for different sectors, which were easily accessible in the sidebar.

lookatbowen portfolio fundamentalsThere were four useful views (Overview, Fundamentals, Performance and Transactions), which one could quickly click into, to see key information. Take the screenshot above, one click into Fundamentals and one could see Last price, Mkt cap, 52wk high/low, EPS, P/E).


lookatbowen portfolio transactions

I regularly used the Performance and Transactions views to see how my stocks were performing, the latter showed me the dates I had purchased or sold stocks, as well as shares that had paid out dividends. (very useful information).

There were also quick links to import transactions, edit transactions, edit portfolio, delete portfolio and I could download my portfolio to CSV.

The new Google Finance screen

There is now a small heading titled Market Summary and some bold words Your Stocks, yet the 3 stocks listed only give me basic price information, and I am not seeing my other stocks. They are nowhere to be seen! Clicking on ‘View all your stocks’ gives me a list of literally all my stocks I have ever looked at (hundreds of them and I have to go through them and follow the ones I want in a list).

Where are the Share Count, Cost Basis, Market Value, Gain, Gain %, Days Gain, Overall % change? More importantly where are my transactions and how can I see an overview and the performance?

lookatbowen new google finance

Free alternative old school stock portfolio tracking

Google has forced me to find an alternative solution and I stumbled upon an awesome website called %ld school value, which describes a solution using Google Drive. The post is well written, simple to follow and detailed with screenshots and GIFS. Given I am a big fan of Google Sheets this is a great solution for my needs.

Stock Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet

Image from %ld school website

What a stuff up Google Finance?

Whoever thought of changing an already great website, has clearly never designed a stock portfolio tracking website before.  They have also probably never tracked stock prices. Sometimes keeping something simple is a good thing.

Please Google, put the old Google Finance website back how it was and I’ll forgive you for this small oversight.

Oh! and get rid of the team that thought this new website was a better solution.



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