Jo and I crossed off a few bucket list items this past May, by spending a long weekend with our good friends Andrew and Keri in Washington D.C.

On Friday the 25th of May, I flew into Dulles International airport from Houston, Texas, while Jo flew in from London Heathrow.

We landed within minutes of each other and so began a crazy, fun-filled weekend with the Meyers. This is day one of three.

How much of Washington D.C. can one see in day? 

The answer is a quite lot if one uses the best two wheeled invention of all time (a Segway). The Segway is our favourite means of transport when visiting new cities.

There is no better way to see a city like Washington D.C. in all its glory than cruising the streets and pavements on two wheels 😀

We got to see a lot of famous sites in 3 hours and fortunately for us the weather was fantastic. 

The White House.

We were quite lucky at the White House, as no sooner had we arrived and I had set up my tripod, the police closed the road and moved everyone away.

Despite its large size the White House is mostly for show and the president’s staff are housed in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door.

Pennsylvania Avenue and the Capitol.

 Riding down the centre of Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol was very special, given we have seen this famous building with its large dome in so many films and tv shows. 

Along the route we passed the Freedom Plaza, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), The Trump International Hotel with its tall impressive tower, The US Navy Memorial Plaza, The National Archives Building, Newseum and the Federal Trade Commision.

National Mall & Washington Monument.

From the Capitol we turned onto the National Mall. What a view of Washington Monument?

On either side of the National Mall are many famous museums, too many to view in the short period we had.

We stopped on the outside of Washington Monument to take a photo, then passed the back of the White House and stopped at the World War II Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool started here.

Lincoln Memorial.

We reached the Lincoln Memorial, which was impressive with its many tall columns. We parked the Segways and climbed the stairs to the top, where a great opening revealed Abraham Lincoln sitting on his marble chair admiring the view. 

There wasn’t much time to hang around with Abe or to catch up on the history or symbolism of this fine monument, but standing on the steps where many famous people had stood before us, was a great feeling. 

We had lunch in Foggy Bottom and then took a slow walk through a leafy, picture postcard street in Georgetown, where some of the houses must have cost millions of dollars. We walked past the Watergate building and down to the Potomac River, where we had a drink near Andrews workplace.

Arlington National Cemetery.

Our last stop for the day was over the Potomac river at Arlington National Cemetery, in the state of Virginia. We hopped onto one of the open busses and followed the narrow roads between the 70 sections. 

It was an impressive and sad sight to see. There were tens of thousands of gravestones on either side of the road. Every gravestone had a flag. 

That concluded our first day in Washington D.C. / Virginia. 

We would highly recommend the segway tour and the visit to Arlington Military Cemetery. 



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