This past Christmas and Boxing Day Jo and I built a 1000 piece smart puzzle. By smart I mean the plastic pieces were securely joined together, which meant it was possible to pick up and move the puzzle with ease, without the fear of it breaking apart.

The puzzle was titled Cat’s Paradise and it was incredibly detailed. It showed a typical day in the hustle and bustle of a town square. There were over 50 cats of varying sizes and colours, dressed in an assortment of clothing, shirts, pants, hats, jackets and scarves. Some cats were indoors, while others played games, flew balloons, rode a merry-go-round, bicycle, skateboard or just laze around.

Puzzle Time Lapse

I have created a few time lapse videos recently on my GoPro Hero 7 Black (See My GoPro Hero 7 Christmas day sunrise time lapse or Sunset and clouds video time lapse). A Time Lapse Video lets you turn long events into short shareable videos. It’s great for sunsets, street scenes, and building puzzles when your camera is fixed or still.

How we captured the puzzle build?

I used a GoPro handlebar / seat post / pole camera mount attached to a selfie stick to hold my GoPro Hero 7. This was in turn stuck down with gaffer tape to a box on top of a box, which was weighed down with an entire Harry Potter box-set. Finally everything further weighted down with two 5 kg bar bells. The camera was roughly 2 feet above the table pointing downwards. I framed the shot using my phone connected via WiFi to the GoPro App.

GoPro Video Time Lapse Settings

  • My camera was set to Video Time Lapse
  • RES (Resolution) was 4K
  • FOV (Field of View) was Wide
  • Interval was 10 seconds

It took us roughly four GoPro batteries to complete the puzzle, which amounts to about six hours of filming over two afternoon sessions. Fortunately I had 3 charged batteries spare at all times.

Post Editing the time lapse puzzle video

I used Wondershare Filmora 9 to render the 4 time lapse videos. I added titles to the front and back of the video along with our famous lookatbowen watermark. Finally I downloaded a royalty free, cartoon sounding soundtrack from and uploaded everything to YouTube.

Next puzzle will be Gibsons snoozing in the shed puzzle (1000 piece).



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