Our 16 year old Tamsin pass away tonight. We adopted Tamsin in December 2004. She was a 18 month old pedigree Tonkinese. We got her for free because the previous owner/breeder didn’t want us to breed her, given she had some complications during her first pregnancy. At the time we also adopted another Tonkinese called Magic from the same breeder, but she passed away shortly afterwards from a stroke.

Tamsin was an instant hit in our house. She was a very friendly, gentle, loving cat and would always come up for pat or a stroke to any visitor to our house. She wasn’t scared of anyone. She loved sitting on our laps and being with us all the time, no matter what room we were in, she would follow us around and jump up on our lap to sleep. A true lap cat. At night Tamsin made sure she was within 1cm of your face or pillow, which meant she got the best sleep even if we didn’t.

When she wasn’t sleeping, eating, lying on your lap or exploring the garden, she was getting sick. It was quite random when and where she got sick, but there was no mistaking that sound. Tamsin wouldn’t just get sick in one place, oh no! she had to move around and place a little present in as many spots as possible. Her favorite spot was at the foot of the bed or on the staircase, which always caught a barefoot. Oh man! we are going to miss that wet feeling between the toes 😀

Despite over 14 years of throwing up, Tamsin was quite a healthy cat and was also fighter and got through quite a few health scares. She certainly used her nine lives wisely.

She also had this nasty habit of jumping on us each morning at 5:45am and then walking up our bodies to our faces and sneezing once or twice, which meant all her wet sleepy eye-jam would fly off her and onto us. She really showed her love for us 🙂

Tamsin was like a mother to our two previous cats (Magic and Whiskey) and our current cats (Bailey and Indy) and would take a lot of abuse from them, but despite all the bites and surprise attacks, dry humping (yup, the nuted boys would try their luck), she would never fight back. She would just lie there, purr or meow a little, slap a paw across a face and wait for them to get bored and move on.

We think she liked the attention in a playful sort of way. We have so many photos of them cuddled up together, she must have been doing something right.



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