2019 was the year we said goodbye to living in Kent and hello to living in Surrey. We made an offer on a house in a small village called Bletchingley back in February and finally moved in on the 14th of June.

2019 holiday with family in Costa Rica

Another highlight of the year was holidaying with Mom and Dad in Costa Rica. It was a country Jo and I wanted to visit for a long time and Mom had mentioned it was on their bucket list.

We decided on a road trip to cover as much as the country as possible. Activities were spread out in all corners of Costa Rica, so having a 4X4 car was necessary to see the volcano, parks, various lakes, snakes, birds, sloths, beaches and tropical forests. I’ve sadly only managed to write about the first part of our holiday in Costa Rica – Chachagua Tropical Rainforest Eco Lodge, as time has evaded me, but I will get to it someday.

2019 holiday with family in South Africa

Jo didn’t get enough holiday in March so went for a second holiday in South Africa in October, to see her Mom, sister and friends. They appeared to have a whale of time at Club Mykonos in Langebaan.

2019 OktoberryFest at Godstone farm Surrey

We finished off October in style singing and dancing on tables and drinking not so great German beer.

Helicopter ride from Redhill to London return.

This was a joint birthday present to Jo and myself and we picked the best possible day to fly from Redhill to London and back. It was an incredible ride!

A decade of Bowen – 2010 to 2019.

I put together a photo video of the past decade – you can watch it below.

If the video is too quick for you, then fear not, the photo album containing all the photos is here. (There are too many to show on this page).

Final thoughts

To our family and friends – happy new year. Hoping 2020 will be a good year for all concerned.

In memory and never forgotten



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