Heaven is a conservatory with smart remote controlled & automated blinds. Back in February when we viewed our new house for the first time it was the conservatory that sold it for us.

A Victorian conservatory.

We have a Victorian conservatory and it is quite large as conservatories go, measuring 4m by 4m. The conservatory is made of double glazed glass with a solid brick foundation wall running along the bottom. It is a lovely space overlooking a beautiful garden full of birds. It is a room we want to enjoy as much as possible.

Too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

However in the summertime it got very hot from midday to the late evening and in the wintertime it is freezing in the mornings and late afternoon.

The old conservatory blinds were manual.

There were some old blinds on the roof and on the windows. The roof blinds were okay, a little on the thin side to offer protection from the sun’s rays. Nor did they keep the heat in the room when the central heating was on. The window blinds were frankly a pain to open because of all the strings and silly finicky blinds. It was also a cat magnet as they liked to play and chew the strings.

Aluminium roof equals very expensive.

We got a few quotes to have an aluminium roof placed on top of the glass, but they were too damn expensive (cost more than the price to build a new conservatory). It also didn’t make sense covering up a lovely glass roof, which offers a lot of natural light. It would also have made everything dark including our lounge.

Ultra smart Roman conservatory blinds.

In the end it was a simple choice to go with ultra smart Roman blinds for the windows, and manual Roman blinds for the roof. The blinds are broken into 4 zones and controlled with a remote.

Smart conservatory blinds controlled by voice and phone app.

The blinds also hook up via WIFI to a Somfy Connexoon RTS Home Automation Hub, which will allow us to control them via our mobile apps or via voice control on Google Assistance. In fact they hook up to a whole host of smart devices. The company we chose was Appeal Home Shading. Their service was excellent. Do take a look at their website for all the amazing choices.

Today we had the blinds installed and below is a time lapse video showing how it all went down. Quite impressive!

Time Lapse Video – HD Wide angle with 2 second intervals.



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