We all need a desk to work at and it has to be a practical space. My old corner desk was none of these.

Since moving into our new house, our third bedroom aka the study quickly became a dumping ground for boxes and stuff that hadn’t been unpacked. The shelving unit was looking a little tired and the room just didn’t flow.

We needed a plan and I figured we needed more desk space, especially if both of us wanted a place to work and relax in.

The old desk in a cluttered study

I did the usual research on YouTube and watched a dozen or so videos for inspiration and then drew up the simple desk plan 🙂

Desk prerequisites

  • 3 moulded lightweight ply doors
  • 12 chrome legs
  • 1 tin of Liberon Wax Polish Bison
  • 2 Alex drawers from IKEA
  • 1 Alex cupboard from IKEA
  • some tools (a jigsaw, a bench to cut the door on, a heavy and lightweight drill).
  • It also helped to have a space to do the cutting work (e.g. a garage).

Doors and chrome legs from Ebay for the desk

I bought three lightweight moulded ply doors for £18 each on Ebay. BARGAIN! 😀

Ply lightweight moulded doors 1981mm X 762mm X 35mm
The doors had some nice grain going for them.
50mm Chrome Legs
These legs are normally used on beds or chairs but were perfect for this build.

IKEA for the drawers and cupboard

The most expensive part of the desk build were the drawers and cupboard from IKEA. I bought 2 Alex Drawers and 1 Alex storage cupboard. However they do offer a lot of space saving and are the main pillars holding up everything.

The desk build

First we cleared the room by moving everything onto the landing. Next I built the drawers. As you know IKEA comes flat packed with a hundred and one pieces to fit and screw together. That was a fun morning and yes I followed the plan step by step.

One big mess before the desk build
One big mess

I brought the doors into the room so I could measure them. and used a makeshift bench in the garage to cut them to the right size. I used a jigsaw to do this. Cutting them was simple as the doors were pretty much hollow, only consisting of a honeycomb format inside for strength.

The chrome legs were spaced out on top of the drawers and old desk
The chrome legs were spaced out.

I positioned the chrome legs on top of the drawers. My old desk has useful shelves which are perfect for charging points for cameras, drones, and also holds my NAS and subwoofer.

The new desk taking shape
Taking shape

We could have placed the desktops directly onto the IKEA drawers, but it was a bit too low. The chrome legs were just the right height and gave us an extra 5 centimetres above the drawers and radiator making a 75 centimetre clearance off the ground. This is more than enough for a chair as large as mine to fit underneath it.

The desk taking shape

The chrome legs added just enough height to the desk
The chrome legs added just enough height to the desk.

I had to cut the old desk a back a bit because it was taking up too much room in front of the radiator.

The desk starts taking shape
The desk starts taking shape.

Wax on and wax on some more

It was a toss up between painting the desk with varnish or rubbing it down with wax. In the end I went with the easier option because the wax doesn’t take too long to dry.

I also didn’t want to varnish the desk in the garage where there was dust galore. In fact it took all of 30 minutes for the wax to dry. It was effortless and smelt so good. The Liberon Wax Polish Black Bison Paste is ideal for nourishing and protecting all types of wood. I gave all the desktops three coats and it really brought out the wood grain nicely.

Liberon Wax Polish Black Bison Paste
The desktops look awesome.

The £150 desk

All in all it took me three weekends to build the desks during the cold months of January and February.

All we need now are some photos or a picture or poster for the walls and the room will be complete.

COVID-19 and WFH!

It is April now and the whole world has changed because of the COVID-19 virus. Both Jo and I are happily working from home on the desks that I built. In a future post you can read all about It’s Upgrade Time – New Desktop build, LCD, Soundbar and Standing Desk

The desk build and functional

What happened to the IKEA EXPEDIT KALLAX shelving unit?

The IKEA EXPEDIT KALLAX shelving unit sat on our landing for a few weeks, because some lazy people didn’t want to move it to the garage. One morning while tinkering in the loft I had a bright idea to move the shelving unit to the loft.

It tool a whole morning to take apart and build it in the freezing cold loft. It also didn’t quite fit between the rafters. But a man with a jigsaw can do amazing things. 😉

The IKEA Shelving installed in the loft between the rafters



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