Time Lapse videos are my favorite GoPro Hero 7 videos, namely because they produce such wonderful results. For example here is a sunset and cloud time lapse video I created last year. There is nothing quite like seeing a big, fluffy Cumulus or Cumulonimbus cloud building high in the sky.

Today there was a big storm brewing, in fact I could see the sky becoming darker by the minute. There was a mix of fast, low, moving Stratus clouds with some Cumulus clouds just above them.


Time Lapse settings on the GoPro Hero 7

The best timelapse interval for capturing the dramatic movement of clouds is 5 seconds. The resolution that works best for me is 1440px. The Point of View is wide. I placed the the camera on the window ledge and pointed it towards the houses, which are conveniently in a fixed location below the low moving clouds.

It took about 2 hours to run the battery flat and that used up about 300MB of SD card, which is nothing on a 64GB card.

Post video editing with Filmora 9

time lapse video editing through filmora 9

I processed the video in Filmora 9, which is a fantastic video editing program from Wondershare.

Crop, zoom, add a title, sound and upload

For this video I wanted to focus on the clouds, thus cropped out a lot of the video at the bottom. This is such a cool feature. I added some colour tuning to enhance the colours.

I also introduced a slow zoom or panning motion from left to right, which added a nice effect on the clouds moving in the opposite direction.

Crop and Zoom

Finally I added my watermark, a title, a description, a logo and added a mp3 soundtrack from Bensound.com. Rendering the video took a mere 3 minutes on my super fast computer. 😀

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