First Parkrun walk completed at Reigate Priory.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned
A faster walk than normal.

It was the first Parkrun event in England for over a year and since they welcome anyone to run, jog, crawl or walk we thought we’d give it a shot. We walked the Parkrun route in our hiking gear, which was probably not the smartest idea considering the morning was perfect conditions for shorts, a t-shirt and trainers, not a pair of thick hiking pants, hiking socks, boots, backpack and water bottle. It was enjoyable nonetheless and we’ll definitely do it again without all the clutter.

Our official time was 46m 2s and 46m 3s as there are no ties allowed.

Parkrun course.

The course was a mixture of flat ground through the park, some hills up into the forest overlooking the pond and the park. They weren’t too steep and there was a short section downhill back to the park. There were two laps of the route and then it finished close to where the run/walk had started.

Parkrun photos and a video.

I found a photo gallery titled ReigatePriory-parkrun-315-2021-07-24 on the News – Reigate, Priory Parkrun page, which has a bunch of nice photographs made available.

There was also a video of the Parkrun by ‘Here we are running‘. You can see it below.

Banner Image Source: I used two of the photos on the News – Reigate, Priory Parkrun page page by Mark Eagleton and Nick Rogers to make the banner on my blog.



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