Welcome to the house, Finnegan.

Our latest kitten is a break from tradition. We have always had Tonkinese cats in the past with the exception of Indy our 5-year-old pavement special (Moggie). We adopted him because he was too cute and screaming for attention in his cage at the vet. Now we have a Siamese kitten called Finnegan.

Finnegan is a 16-week old boy and he is too cute, very vocal and is currently running around the house exploring every nook and cranny like he owns the place. Our other two male cats (Bailey and Indy) have hissed at him a couple of times when he has gotten too close, but they are already getting a lot more curious and less hissy at him. It won’t be long before they are all great friends and sleeping on the couch or bed together.

Finnegan currently has his own bedroom with a large king-size bed. In it is his toys, blanket, scratching post, mini-bed and of course his litter tray, food and water. He has a great view of the front of the house.

Photo Album of Finnegan.

We’ve set up a photo album for Finnegan and you can check back here to see more photos as we add them or click on the Cats menu at the top.



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