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Today we did a nice long cycle to Woldingham station via Gangers Hill, the Woldingham school and Caterham Viewpoint. We were meant to do this cycle route yesterday, but I had a fault on my bike which cut the ride short. After fixing the problem this morning we packed an 8mm Allen key just in case it was needed and headed off.

We started the ride at Church Road in Bletchingley and headed along Rabies Heath road, then down into the steep Enterdent lane, where there is a lovely paved road through a forest. We saw a beautiful large owl flying silently down the lane above our heads. At the bottom, we turned into Church Lane, Godstone, which has some very old beautiful houses. There is a lot of history in this Lane. Most of the buildings have historic plaques on the outside walls. The header photo on this post is St Mary’s Chapel. It was built in 1872. You can read about it on the Gilbert Scott website.

Church Lane, Godstone

At Oxted Rd, we turned into Flower Lane. The road winds up the hill past some huge houses and farms. The smell of cow manure is quite delightful. ūüôā The road becomes Gangers Hill, which is very steep in parts and surrounded by forest on either side of the road. Thank goodness for the electric power, because it would be impossible to ride up that hill on our Bromptons small tyres.

At the top of the hill is a beautiful property with lots of very old oak trees. The scenery is stunning.

The road eventually comes out at Northdown road with the North Down golf course on either side. I found a golf ball in the road. Finders keepers!

From there were turned into Church road, which became a very steep road down to Woldingham station. After crossing the footbridge at the station we cycled up the 20mph road to Woldingham school. We caught a glimpse of some deer walking in the hills, and there were also a lot of cows grazing along the fence.

Then up Quarry road, onto a cycle path that went past Godstone Vineyards. Up a very slippery, gravel steep road. It was at this point we were thinking our Brompton was never made for this type of surface and that a mountain bike would probably be better suited for the type of terrain we were riding. Tupwood lane in the wet was tricky as the wheels were slipping all the way to the top of the hill. At Caterham Viewpoint or Gravelly Hill Common, we had a short break. By now it was pouring with rain, so we donned our raincoats and headed onto cycle path 21, which went down through the forest. It was challenging because the mud was slippery and our tiny wheels were barely coping. Then around the quarry and back into Church Lane in Bletchingley. It was a good 15mi ride with a lot of challenging surfaces, but we were thinking a MTB would have been the better option on this route.



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