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We did a lovely 20-mile e-bike ride to Banstead Heath via Merstham, Walton on the Hill, Reigate Gill, Gatton Park and back home to Bletchingley. There were quite a lot of bluebells flowering in the forests.

For some odd reason, Strava didn’t pick up the whole route. Luckily Mike was wearing his Samsung Watch, which recorded the exact route perfectly.

Cyrusher bike ride to Banstead Heath via Reigate Hill via Gatton Hill to home

It was one of the longest rides we have done to date, although we have yet to push the battery on the bicycle to its maximum limit.

Despite what some people say about electric bikes, one can still get a good workout on these bicycles. These bikes are very heavy at 35KG, and one has to pedal to engage the electric motor. It is not a free ride.

The thing we don’t like about the Cyrusher electric bikes is that the second you touch the pedal, the motor kicks in and wants to go maximum speed for the desired PAS, which means one has to pedal like a crazy person to keep up with speed. It also means we rarely ride the bike in PAS 3 or higher.

PAS 1 instantly accelerates to 12mph, PAS 2 to 15mph. That is quite fast pedalling at the best of times. We only use PAS 1 or 2 if we go up a steep incline. It is virtually impossible to cycle up any hill without using the motor because the bike is so heavy. Those 4-inch tyres do make a big difference to any terrain.

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Here are some photos from the ride.




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