Happy Mothers day Mom.

I thought I would post a story that I will never forget about Mom and her expensive sweater. Picture the scene. Mom and I were starting our Camino Pilgrimage in Barcelona. We had flown in from different parts of the world and had to go through security at the Barcelona train station, where we were catching a high speed train to Pamplona. They hade these baggage scanners and everyone had to place theirs bags onto the scanner. I went through first without any hiccup by puting my backpack on the roller and walked through while it went through the metal scanners.

Mom followed by putting her backpack and sweater top onto the rollers. I was on the other side waiting for the backpack to come through. I saw Mom’s backpack and picked it up, but was a little slow in retrieving Mom’s sweater and in a split second it was gone. It was like magic. One second it was there, the next it was gone. We asked the security guy to stop the scanner much to their bewilderment. I was already trying to put my hands into the rollers to see if I could get to the sweater, but it was gone. The security eventually conttoned on and put the scanner into reverse mode, which only brought up dust. By now a queue of people were waiting to go through and stairing at us with devil eyes. The security were not going to open the scanner and eventually we had to admit defeat.

The lesson here. Do not put your clothing on a baggage scanner roller unless you want your clothing eaten. Come to think of it, this is the main reason why other first world countries use baskets to place clothing in.