Screenshot_2015-08-02-10-08-10 (Mobile2)I have experienced some annoying phone issues over the past 3 to 4 weeks, which have stumped me somewhat until now. I have a custom ROM installed on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 called Resurrection Remix, which I upgrade every week or two whenever there is a new update,  that way I am always up-to-date. It is a brilliant ROM, but clearly one of the updates screwed things.  Here are the symptoms I have experienced.

Symptom 1: Searching something through the Google search bar widget, the search page opened up with the results, but scrolling down the page (thumb up) does nothing or it hangs for a few seconds. If I swapped direction and scrolled up briefly it would hang. After a few attempts the phone would reboot.

Symptom 2: At random times during typing the keyboard would hang, and the phone rebooted. My default keyboard is Swype.

Symptom 3: My phone would get very slow all of a sudden, very laggy and my RAM would run out and the phone would reboot.

Symptom 4: Random reboots.

Troubleshooting: Naturally I thought it was the Google Apps widget and possibly the Swype keyboard, so I removed both of them and used the stock Android keyboard. Symptom 1 didn’t occur again, but symptom 2 and 3 did, which ruled out Swype keyboard being at fault and I wasn’t totally convinced Google had anything to do with it.

Given I have been experiencing this problem for +- 3 to 4 weeks, I reckoned it had something to do with the Resurrection Remix releases around mid-July.

Reading: the XDA Developers forum for Resurrection Remix revealed that some folk were experiencing similar issues with random reboots and keyboard hanging after upgrading to (coincidence I think so). Reading from page Page 77 (;-) this is quite an active forum), Lord Eko suggested a full wipe, which I know I hadn’t done, ūüôĀ – I did a dirty flash meaning I flashed over the top of my existing ROM the new update file  (, then flashed, then ran wipe Dalvik cache and wiped the cache.

Screenshot_2015-08-15-11-51-34 (Mobile2)This was the problem I was pretty sure.  I continued to dirty flash to and continued to have the problems. On page 83 a senior member mentioned their phone was getting laggy and slow. (My symptom 3) and various others also confirmed they were having the same problems.

Someone confirmed they had done a full wipe and were still having problems, which made me wait until Lord Eko had something to say.

The Possible Fix:  Lord Eko released, which I dirty flashed over the top of V5.5.3 (I never learn), then I flashed a new version of (mentioned on page 86 by srinivasmv419) and finally I flashed a new kernel called Arter97 kernel, which was mentioned by a few folk.

The Results: Symptom 1, 2, 3 are not happening any more.  I am able to Google Search without any problems now. I have written almost all of this post today, as well as send Whats’app and telegram messages and there have been no hangs or reboots during typing. Screenshot_2015-08-31-15-27-49 (Small1-1)

However my phone has rebooted out of the blue once. I also noticed when it got to the first boot screen “Set Warranty Bit : Kernal, normally says something about the “Selinux Enforcing is passive or permissive“. When I checked the Miscellaneous Settings under Configuration I noticed the setting was off. I turned it on, and rebooted, but the setting remains off despite switching it on. Screenshot_2015-08-31-15-29-21 (Small1-2)

Despite the hiccups above it is still the best ROM for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a big thank you goes to Lord Eko, creator of this fine ROM.