blankI was on my 3rd hard disk (Samsung HD753LJ 750GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm *32MB Cache*) when the dreaded beeps on the NAS signalled a hard drive crash. Now what are the chances of 2 Seagate 500GB drives and 1 Samsung 750GB drive crashing within of a month of each other? [superemotions file=”icon_evil.gif” title=”Evil”]

So disgusted and frustrated I did a bit of soul searching on the Synology Forums and came across a number of people who had experienced this very problem with their CS-407 and it turns out that the hard disks are not at fault, but simply the SATA data cable for disk 1.

I found a spare SATA cable and replaced mine and fired up the NAS server and the “supposed” crashed disk is working perfectly. Luckily I hadn’t trashed the disk this time like I have done in the past. Now everything is working like it should.

blankNot wanting to waste the spare Seagate 500GB hard disk I decided to load the latest firmware on my old DiskStation DS-106e and have it running now as well.

I have reported the problem to Synology and like everyone in the forums I must agree on one thing:

Synology’s support is top notch. They get back to you quickly and I’ve even been having a one to one conversation with one of the Synology technicians who has promised to send spare SATA cables. ūüôā