spotify-vs-google-musicGod dammit daddy! Why can’t the world be an easy place? All I am trying to do is export my Spotify playlists to Google Music…

A few of the solutions require running scripts via terminal, which do not seem to work for me because I don’t have RUBY installed. (because why would I have bloody RUBY installed as I am not a developer?)…

Grrrr. So I am installing Ruby on my iMac, but more on that later…

Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeJo recently got a new phone “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge” because her old phablet the “Samsung Galaxy Note 3” didn’t have beautiful curved edges (ha ha). Anyhow her phone came with  6 months free access to Google Music. We’ve never used it before because we have shared a Spotify Pro account for the past three years. The Pro account at £9.99 has up until now been excellent, with a great choice of music. It allows us to listen to almost any artist and band, create playlists, radio stations, or listen to new and upcoming music with no adverts. It even works in tunnels.  We can’t really knock Spotify as its been our main Music Streaming app in our car, on our phones, at home on the TV, on the AV receiver and on the PC etc.

But over the past few months Spotify has being making silly changes to the UI in their apps, which to be honest has frustrated us a bit. While listening to a song one could tap on the album cover and quickly save the song playing to a new or existing playlist (It was simple). While driving it was very convenient as you don’t really want to be touching the screen too often as it is a distraction. Then Spotify changed it, and introduced a tiny little button on the side of the album art, which was difficult to tap on, even when not driving. It requires a precision tap or it is a miss. This is probably a silly example, but it is exactly the type of thing they have been doing to their interface every so often. Just when we got use to using their app interface, Spotify go and change it.


We also noticed that no matter who we selected (Artist, band, genre etc.), the same music started to repeat or appear in the playlist. We have a broad selection of music tastes from classic to pop, indie, rock, instrumental, etc. but it wouldn’t matter what we selected, the Goo goo dolls, Matchbox Twenty, Audioslave, Daughtry would always appear in the playlist. After a while even our favourites songs were becoming tired.

Of course there are a few artists who have recently ditched Spotify over how they pay the artists, which has been unfortunate as those artists were some of our favourites.

On our recent trip to Southern France I took along 50GB’s of my own music that I had saved on a USB hard disk and it was quite refreshing listening to all the songs without hearing the Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox Twenty, Audioslave, Daughtry etc.


So one of things that attracts me to Google Music is that it allows me to upload my music OR play my local music on my phone or my computer through Google Music and at the same time it suggests related artists etc. That is quite cool. We are already Google users as we have Android phones so it makes sense to give Google Music a try out, which is what we have been doing for the past week and it is a WOW! What a difference it has made because A) we have heard so many new songs and B) we have not heard anything from Goo goo dolls, Matchbox Twenty, Audioslave, Daughtry even when we played similar music. It has been quite a change. Given Google Music is the same price as Spotify Pro it makes sense to go with them. For Jo its a no brainer with 6 months free access to everything.

Hence me wanting to export my Spotify Playlists. So I got RUBY installed and followed a video by Chad Johnson that went on for 13 minutes. I am no dummy when it comes to scripts or running scripts in Terminal, but listening and following the man was painful and after all that it still didn’t work. Here is his video.

I found another website detailing how to run a script called PyPortify, but it doesn’t want to work either. It wanted Python installed, which I did, but still nothing.  The PyPortify loaded as the tutorial suggested, asked me for my Google Account and my Spotify Account and voila, showed my Spotify playlists, which I selected and then ran the export. Alas, it failed to export anything. Then I realised in the terminal window it was throwing loads of errors.


Talk about frustrating. I’ve had enough. I will add them manually NOT (as I found a solution 🙂 see my latest post How to import Spotify playlist into Google Play Music?Had enough