At last! - Button wins his 1st Grand Prix.Wow!, what an exciting Hungarian grand prix? Normally this race is boring because there are limited places on the track to pass, but no one expected it to be a wet race, in fact this is the first time in the twenty one years they have been racing there that it has rained, so no one really knew what to expect. It caused plenty of cars to spin and there were some spectacular crashes. Unlucky Kimi Raikkonen was one of them. He smashed into Liuzzi’s Red Bull while trying to pass the back marker. Kimi was leading the race at the time.

Both Alonso and Schumacher drove extremely well from 15th and 11th respectively to move quickly through the field. They are without a doubt in a class of their own in wet and dry conditions. Alonso devasted the field in the first 30 laps and even lapped Schumacher at one point. Schummies tyres were no match for Alonso’s pace and it looked like Schumacher was going to struggle to even get a point. Button in the meantime was putting in fast laps and was driving a sensible race. I was kind of waiting for his car to blow up which it normally does when he is doing well. But, he soon started to catch Alonso by a second a lap and at one point was within 2 seconds of the leader.kimi going into the first corner.

Then the fun began. Alonso came into the pits for some new tyres, and upon leaving the pits you could see there was something wrong. He swerved a couple of times and two corners later he was in the barriers. We were jumping up and down with joy, at least Schummie could get some points and close that 11 point gap because at this stage Michael was moving through the field and was in 2nd position so a win was quite possible, if only he had gambled correctly when he came in for some fuel. Instead of putting on new tyres, he decided to keep his already worn intermediates, which was ok for a couple of laps but with the track drying out fast, meant his tyres became useless. De La Rosa managed to get past him although Schummie made him work for that position. Heidfeld soon caught him as well and disaster struck when the two tangled leaving Schumacher with a broken suspension. So no points for him or Alonso.

And so Button won the race quite comfortably in the end. I am happy he won. It’s about bloody time. It must have been pretty depressing having raced 112 times and not won a race. The curse is over! Lets just hope he doesn’t win anymore this year and spoil it for Michael Schumacher. blank

Kimi misjudged the speed of Liuzzi's Red Bull and slammed up the back of him.
SPECTACULAR CRASH: Kimi almost rolled over
Liuzzi’s Red Bull after hitting him from behind.