Lake District (Cumbria)It’s been a while since we added anything substantial on this site, mainly because we have been on holiday to the Lake District. (Work tomorrow, what an unfortunate thought)? I have added some photos to the Photo Gallery. Mainly our week in the Lake District and a few others.

rand to the pound has gone to hell.

The only positive news regarding the economy must be the ‘Rand to the Pound‘ exchange rate. 17 ront to the pound. WTF is going on there? I guess if you are South African visiting the UK this must be disasterous news. I can only imagine the rest of the world has no confidence in the rand or that idiot Zuma.

With regards to the photo below. Brother “goatie” Pete rudely woke us at 7am last week Sunday to tell us he had landed in the UK on route to Bermuda. So we added another 33 miles to the hired car and met up for lunch at “Ye Olde Six Bells“, a quaint old pub in Horley (near Gatwick airport) to have a family reunion meal.  Quite a nice surprise for mom.

A family reunion.
Family reunion