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Bowen loves beer

There is currently a job vacancy at ALDI, which is very tempting for all beer drinkers. Sadly, it looks like the unpaid role is a bummer because, with my global knowledge of beer, it...


Cheers to Beer 52 weeks of the year.

I joined today, thought I would give them a try because I am beer lover and what better way to try out new craft beer from around Britain and the rest of the work than...

Octoberfest Girls 0

Octoberfest beer babes!

I was over at and and couldn’t help but notice the beautiful Octoberfest beer girls and festival photos they had on their sites. Yes folks its that time of the year again....


Drink beer heavily and recycle.

Drink beer heavily and recycle is the best investment advice you can get at the moment, well that is according to an excellent article in the Evening Standard. The clear winner is beer, always...


Naked girl & beer.

Can you guess the year this lovely playmate appeared in Playboy? This photo has been approved by the ever so lovely Mrs Bowen. Apparently it is National Clevage Day in South Africa. If you...


New year, Friday, Babes and Beer.

I might just try some of this beer the next time I see it in the pub. It’s got to taste awesome! If not, I’ll just think of this photo.


Friday is beer girl day.

Nothing like women dressed for the part and drinking beer at the same time. Just wish the bottles was see through. 🙂


Have a beer, it’s Friday!

So, what can we look forward to on this fine day? Well, being almost Christmas, various parties will be kicking off tonight. I am hoping to have a good one. 🙂 Found this brilliant...