Bowen bought a beautiful blue black Brompton Bike…

… but bruised his balls on the bell by bouncing over a bump without braking…  How is that for an alliteration? The subject was mine, the bruising his balls bit was from my colleague Adam 😉

Jo and I have been wanting new bicycles for years and toyed with the idea of getting a hybrid road / mountain bike.  But there has always been a problem! Our house was built in the late 1800’s and as such the front door is very narrow (60cms). Getting a standard bike through the door is a pain in the arse! We can’t push a bicycle down the side of the house as we live in a mid-terraced house. There is no gate at the back of the house (long story, don’t ask), there are steep stairs up to our front door, which makes carrying a bicycle hard and there is an equally narrow door going from the lounge into our dining room (yes we have a quirky house).

Our current bikes are stored in our shed at the back of the yard and to be honest they have been there for 10+ years, which is a shame!

So the only option really was a foldable bike and there is no better foldable bike than a Brompton Bike.

The experience starts on their website, where one gets to build your Brompton Bike. The bike creator is very clever and in a minute or two your bike is built in the virtual form. Below is a short video of my bike setup. Setups can be saved against a profile.

They are pricey, there is no denying that. A lot more expensive than a standard bike, but then you pay for quality. They are hand made in London and no where else. That is unheard of in this day and age. I look at that cost and think of the possibilities. This bike can go places others bikes can only dream of.  (Trains, planes and automobiles as hand luggage).

After building the bikes we visited the main shop in London where the shop attendant showed us how to unfold and fold the bike.

It seems complicated at first, but trust me after doing it a few times it is possible to fold/unfold everything in under 30 seconds. 🙂

There must be hundreds of combinations of frame colours, seat types, gears, wheel types, lights, bags, grips etc. but the shop has everything. It is very impressive.  There is even a large touch screen display to further customize your bike.


After the instore demo we got to take two bikes for a ride around the West End.  Jo and I were instantly sold. They are amazing bicycles, very zippy, very comfortable to sit on and really easy to ride. When we got back to the shop it was just a matter of deciding which style handlebar we wanted.

One doesn’t need to purchase the Brompton bike instore, in fact the attendant told us we could buy from our local bicycle shop, just give them the code and they will put in the order, which is what we did. Our closest biycle store is the Canary Wharf branch of Evans Cycles.

We had to wait six weeks for them but it was worth the wait.  More to follow soon, we have a weekend of camping and the bikes are going with us.

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