We got activated today on a new ISP (Eclipse Internet) and my router tells me there is an 8MB download stream and a 484kb upload stream. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? And all it’s costing me this month is £0, as the first month is a free, part of the trial. Now that is customer service with a smile. Then from next month and thereafter it will only be £18.99. And for those who care, for that £18.99 per month you get 30GB download during peak time, and unlimited download during off peak time, so that is one fine deal.

So to test the speed I downloaded an 800MB file and managed to get a 618KB/sec at one stage, before it averaged out at around 500KB/sec. See it took 6 minutes to download almost 100MB.

highest speed so far.

After 33 minutes you can see it’s averaging at about 500KB/sec and 460MB have already been downloaded.

Averaging 550KB/s is not bad at all.

After 42 minutes I was surprised to see it shoot up to 646KB/sec, it’s highest download speed so far.

2nd highest speed

As if 646 KB/sec wasn’t fast enough, after the 54th minute the highest download speed was recorded at 679KB/sec.

Highest KB/sec so far.

And to conclude it took less than an hour to download 820MB’s.

all finished in under an hour.

So overall, I am very pleased with that performance.