Yip, I got sick of the old theme, so decided to do something about it. This theme is awesome (You can BUY it from Revolution Theme). It’s the first time I have ever bought a WordPress theme, having used all the freebies in the past, but I guess you get what you pay for.

blankIt’s extremely customizable, and I have already changed quite a bit of the original theme to make it work for me, such as widening columns, tweaking categories etc. I got a lot more to do, but for now I think it looks damn smart. It is definitely compatible with WordPress 2.5.1 as you can see it is working well.

I realize if you are viewing this in Internet Explorer you are seeing a lot of thumbnail  place holders, that is because I have not added the photos to the post yet. There are quite a few of these and I have not had a chance to correct them. You could launch two awesome browsers (Mozilla or Safari), and the problem wouldn’t be a problem. It’s just shows you how crappy Microsoft’s browser really is.