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Finnegan 0

Siamese Finnegan joins the house.

Welcome to the house, Finnegan. Our latest kitten is a break from tradition. We have always had Tonkinese cats in the past

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R.I.P. Tamsin – 2003 – 2019

Our 16 year old Tamsin pass away tonight. We adopted Tamsin in December 2004. She was a 18 month old pedigree Tonkinese. We got her for free because the previous owner/breeder didn’t want us...


Indy is in the house.

Two weeks ago we were at the Vet visiting our cat Tamsin, who had been ill with a Gall Bladder infection, and in the cage opposite her was this cute little kitten. He was...

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Tonkinese Bailey joins the Bowen household.

Here is our new edition to the Bowen household. His name is Bailey and he joins Tamsin and Whiskey our other two Tonkinese cats. He was full of energy when we took this photo...