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RIP Paul Parsons 1971 - 2019 0

R.I.P. Paul Parsons 1971 – 2019

Our good friend Paul Parsons died this week. It was sudden and totally unexpected. We’ve known Pabs since 2010 when he arrived in Sunny London and graced us with his presence. We enjoyed many...


Goodbye Facebook.

I stopped using Facebook 26 days ago to see if it would make a difference in my life. By ‘stopped’ I mean I uninstalled the app from my mobile and stopped checking Facebook, commenting,...


Happy birthday Scottie!

Jo and Mike want to wish Graeme (Scottie) Killorn a very happy birthday. We hope your family and friends are spoiling you rotten today. We shall raise a glass for you matey. Just please...


Goodbye Alex.

Hey Alex, it was good working with you. You brought a breathe of fresh air to the company. It’s going to be strange not seeing you in the office or hearing your Kiwi accent....


Weekend with Tim & Judy.

We had quite an eventful weekend for a change thanks to "friends of the family" who were in London for the day. We did what every person does when family or friends visit London…....


Goodbye Ed!

Goodbye and good luck for the future. I am very sorry to hear you’ve left. You have been a good colleague & friend and I am going to miss your French wittyness, the Eurostar...


Happy Birthday Scott!

We just wanted to wish our friends Bevan and Raymond a very happy birthday. Have a good one guys!They have just turned er’ 21 if you were wondering…


Start of the F1 Season.

Happy birthday Andrew (@™). We hope you have an excellent er’ 21st birthday today.   Don’t work too hard and get that lovely missus of yours to spoil you rotten. On a another important...


Where’s the party?

John & Jo of MLS Business Centres mixing it up at the Grandpa Awards ceremony in London. [tags]MLS Business Centres, photography, drinks, smart dress[/tags]