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2020 – You are on mute!

2020 was the year of COVID-19, wearing face masks in public, washing hands from bottled sanitisers, social distancing stickers on floors, walls and doors, working from home and telling your friends, colleagues, bosses and...

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Bowens lockdown poem

What can you do when you’re locked in at home
Read my poem and don’t be a alone.
No one to visit, and no one to see
At least we have fast broadband and 4G.

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Goodbye Kent hello Surrey.

In mid February 2019, Jo and I started looking for a new house. We had lived in the garden of England (Greenhithe, Kent) since 2004 and it was time to move on. Our Victorian...

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The London Motor & Tech Show

We visited the London Motor & Tech Show at the Excel Centre in East London yesterday. Tickets were £15 each and there was a good selection of motor cars on show, although not as...

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R.I.P. Tamsin – 2003 – 2019

Our 16 year old Tamsin pass away tonight. We adopted Tamsin in December 2004. She was a 18 month old pedigree Tonkinese. We got her for free because the previous owner/breeder didn’t want us...