That is Jo Bowen of course! There can only be one mad Bowen in the family. To think we have lived in England for the past 9 years, watched the rivalry between England and France and now she wants to communicate with them in their own language….. “Femme Fou“.


Jo will be staying in Nice with a host family and going to a local school in the city. I believe she booked the trip through Apple Languages who specialize in this sort of thing.

I wish her all the best…

Which means, I am a free man for the next two weeks. So friends and colleagues, if you want to meet up after work,  go out for a drink or three, or have dinner or just a chat then from this coming Monday to the 22nd of August, I am all yours.

Have a good time Jo, stay safe, enjoy the lovely weather, relax, rest, and come back speaking like a true French woman.



P.S. I hope you have left instructions for the cats, dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, cooker, iron, kettle etc.

ha ha ha – only kiddin’