Recently we visited Northern Ireland to stay with some friends and got the chance to do a bit of site seeing. As we are typical South African’s, the camera was snapping away at everything that moved (well almost everything). Somehow or other, we managed to take over 400 photos, which is relatively easily when you have two digital cameras, make that four if you count mobile phones these days.

Anyway, this weekend I have been going through all the photos, sorting out the crap ones from the wow ones. I also managed to set up a new website called bowen’s travel, which is not final yet, but I am giving it a trial. It uses the Pixelpost template and the great thing about this site is that is shows off the photographs in all their glory, with no distraction from the other parts of the website. So please if you do head to the website, let me know what you think?
bowen's travels
The theme I have chosen is called Delicious by a guy called JaySoto.
It can be downloaded here.