Category: Microsoft


Upgrading to Windows 10.

The upgrade took about 90 minutes to complete. Everything is working.. my seven year old iMac is happy.


XBOX just took my money!

I see XBOX just took £39.99 out of my bank account for my gold membership. There is no email confirmation saying “By the way Mike, we are taking the money from your account if...


XP SP3 and Windows Media Center Extender.

After downloading XboxMCE05Lite-enu.exe from the Microsoft Media Extender website, I came across a small problem. The bloody program wouldn’t load. (See Image). The annoying part is when you go into the Add/Remove programs in...


Why NOT to get Vista just YET?

I know a few people who have rushed out like muppets and bought the new Windows Vista expecting to get this wonderful new operating system, only to discover some of it’s obvious limitations or...