American Idiot!I am not the biggest fan of George W. Bush because most of the time he talks the biggest load of crap there is and I think he is responsible for a lot of the problems the world is facing at the moment. Sometimes I wonder how he became president of such a powerful country? You would think the people of America would want an inteligent person running the show. Well this video made me laugh. Surprisingly he seems to be able to laugh at himself, which I guess is a credit to him. This was held at some White House Dinner party. Just click on the image to load the video.

French FlagIt was not an exciting French F1 GP this afternoon, but wasn’t it refreshing to see Michael Schumacher beat world champion Fernando Alonso.  He left the Spaniad in the dust and completed his eighth French win, which for all you non-Ferrari fans is another record that Schumacher holds. I think this championship is going to be very close.

Michael Schumacher wins his eighth French GP.
That’s two in a row for Schummie!