If you asked me what I did on Saturday and Sunday all I could tell you is one thing only – I watched the F1 Brazil Qualifying on Saturday that lasted two and three quarter hours because of the rain and I watched Jenson Button battling his way through the traffic and ultimately winning the Formula 1 world championship for 2009. It was a fantastic drive from Jenson and I am sure he made up his mind on Saturday that this would be the race that he gave it his best shot to take the title. By far the best race he has driven in for ages if not ever. I think he said something similar.

Button 2009 World Champion

Yes, he won six races in the early parts of the year, but then he was driving a superior car at the time. He looked a worried man in the last few races with Barrichello and Vettel hot on his tail, but he definitely put an end to their challenge in the race yesterday. He drove with courage, skill and determination and for me is a worth champion along with all the other greats.

Isn’t the photo above an awesome sight to see. Taken by Darren Heath and published on the BBC F1 website.

Well done to Brawn GP as well. They have done a fantastic job to beat the likes of Mclaren and Ferrari, who have been in the business for years.

I do feel sorry for Barrichello, but what a good sport he has been? Right to the bitter end, the poor man had the worst luck one could have in a race, but even at the end of the race he showed true sportsmanship by congratulating Button. He looked quite cheerful in the post interviews.