What a morning it has been so far? It took us almost 2 hours to drive into work because it there was a lot of FOG. This is Great Britain, where it rains, snows and gets foggy and where all means of transport comes to a grinding halt because of the weather. Doh! Suffice to say, we didn’t see an accident, or silly driving, so what was holding up the traffic so badily? Anyway, I dropped Jo off at work and headed up to Sidcup Auto Centre to take my car in for it’s 1st service. They told me three weeks ago on the phone that it would be an hour. So I had basically planned my morning around that hour. When I said I would wait around, the lady says "Nah!, there is no point, the service will take at least 4 hours", which when I queried it, the lady said, "that is how long it takes"….. Just Grrrreat. And oh by the way, it’s going to cost in the region of £200. – Are these guys on the herb or what?