Now that Jo is in Nice, I have the house to myself, and my first port of call was the bathroom, where I have LIFTED THE TOILET SEAT. The feeling of power, that I was in control was incredible. ūüėČ

blankObviously if you are a single male and live with other males in a house (house share or you are gay or whatever) then this is not normally a problem, but being married to woman who insists the seat must be down at all times, this is a life problem.

In our house, we have an added concern in the way of Whiskey and Tamsin, our two Tonkinese cats. Jo seems to think they will fall in and drown in the 3 centimetres of water. LOL!

Anyway, for the next two weeks, I am going to prove that having the toilet seat up is not going to result in a drowned cat. Sadly though this will not help my cause when Jo gets back, as she will insist the seat stays down for other reasons.