It’s not everyday one can say, "my comments on respect appeared on the website". But that day has arrived.

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My comments can be found about three quarters down on this page. If you can’t find it, then never mind, here is what I said.
Having experienced anti social behaviour first hand from kids under the age of 16, who are disrespectful, rude, slanderous, vicious, violent, and willing to destroy anything that is not theirs, I feel Tony Blair is too late with his new plans.For him to make a difference now, I would think he needs to stand up with his government and say "we are re-introducing corporal punishment in schools, parents will be able to discipline their children with reasonable force, kids who practise anti-social behaviour will be prosecuted or jailed or put in the army or their parents will suffer the consequences for their children’s actions, or public ally named and shamed".Serious consequences are needed today to deter these hooligans because they know they can get away with almost anything.

Posted by: Mike, Kent Jan 10, 2006 3:25:48 PM