Day 3 was a lot like Day 2, whereby we skied all the green runs in the area without crashing or falling over. It was time to try out a blue run.

We met a very passionate rugby loving Welsh man (aren’t they all) named Daniel at our hotel on Tuesday night. Actually he was the chef. While we watched him eat a delicious looking Italian dish (we had not eaten dinner at this stage so thought it was mighty rude of him for not offering), he told us about “a simple blue / green run” that goes down to La Tania, and he said if want to ease into blue run, this would be the one to try.

So bright and early on Day 4 after “Deep Heating” out all the aches and pains and after a nice full breakfast of ham, salami, croissont, pain au chocolat, bread, cereal, coffee and orange juice, we skied down to Plantery and rode a chair lift up to Loze. At the top we took the blue run named Crete. Once you drop down the hill there is no turning back.


I won’t lie when I say, “I was pooping myself going down that first blue run”. It felt steep and icy and one wrong move would have meant a fall, but it never happened. Jo was tackling the slope in her usual zigzag manner and winning. We eventually came across the green run that took us all the way to La Tania. We even started to brag that it was too easy and that there were too many beginners blocking up the green run (ha ha). A clear sign that we had progressed.

At La Tania we rode a ski lift up to Praz-Juget and then rode an open chair lift to Col De La Loze. At 2305m it would have looked spectacular had it not been for the pretty chilly cloudy weather with snow flakes falling everywhere. From this starting point there was only a blue or black run to choose from and since we don’t have a death wish yet, blue it was to be!


This run took us down to Chenus. It was fairly steep but thankfully straight and allowed us to do some speed skiing. By now we were becoming accustomed to what lay ahead in terms of the blue runs.

From Chenus we dropped down to Verdons and then down to Courchevel 1850. It is a great feeling skiing into 1850. The welcome area is large and there are hundreds of people unclipping and walking up to the three large lifts. All the restaurants face the slopes and it is just a bustle of people and activities. There is also a tunnel that takes one under the road and down further slopes and runs.

I tell you once the bug has bitten one doesn’t want to stop. Now we looked for longer blue runs. Even the pains and sore feet and blood clotting feeling that had slowed us down the days before had gone. Wednesday, was by far our best day of skiing.

Tomorrow we are tackling the sledge run that runs from Courchevel 1850 to Courchevel 1650. A 200m drop over a 2km winding pass.