blankAfter a canceled flight on Sunday and a missed flight yesterday, I have finally made it to New York early this morning. The plane in the photo was not my booked American Airlines flight. I thought it was until I reached the desk and they told me my flight had already left 2 hours earlier. Have you ever experienced that feeling?  (Not recommended).  It’s sickening, especially when I had gotten to the airport about 5 hours earlier and had been sitting in the lounge waiting for my flight unbeknown that it had already left. I didn’t even hear them calling me over and over and over again. (oops).

Anyway, American Airlines were jolly good and accommodating, and even got my suitcase hand packed on the plane. When I got on the plane, there was hardly a sole on board, so I got to sit in an area with loads of legroom and no one on either side of me or behind me (and no screaming babies).  The service on AA was outstanding and I was very impressed with them. The flight in was a bit bumpy, but all good. Getting through customs and immigration was a breeze, it must have been the friendly South African accent that they warmed too. I didn’t really see JFK airport.

blankI am staying at the DoubleTree Metropolitan hotel in Manhattan. It pretty good, I got a nice big room, with a wonderful view of another hotel room’s shower room (hehehe)!